The High Meadows Foundation is dedicated to answering four questions. First, given the growth and economic success of humans, particularly since the industrial revolution, how do we ensure sound stewardship of our planet? Second, how can we approach management and conservation of non-working farm land in northern New England? Third, can we develop a 21st Century social contract? And fourth, can we preserve and enhance the art and conservation of the book?

We provide resources, support and evaluation to our four areas of interest.

We seek to accomplish our environmental mission through support for research, analysis and data development that lead to policy; through support for advocacy that takes the science, develops effective policies based on it and seeks their implementation; and through support for local and regional outcomes primarily in Vermont that reflect the goals of the policies. We also purchase, restore and conserve unused farm land. And we seek to support possible new uses such as converting biomass to energy.

We are collaborating with others in business, government and civil society in the development of practical solutions to the complex issues arising from the global success of business, the financial difficulties facing governments and the poor public opinion of both. And, in this effort, seeking the intersections where not for profits of all kinds might help build bridges to a more productive set of relationships.

We seek to preserve and enhance the art of the book beyond the content of its pages. This is done primarily through our support for and participation in two of the leading educational development programs for the book arts and their conservation: The American Academy of Bookbinding and the North Bennet Street School.

Throughout our work it is clear that support for education is essential. Thus, we provide support, on a program specific basis, for education and fellowships that are related to the work of the other organizations we support.